The Best iPhone Tracking App


Looking to keep tabs on someone? Considering a good iPhone tracking app? Want to track discreetly, safety, without having to constantly get your hands on the target iPhone?

Welcome to SPYERA, the world’s best iPhone tracking app packed with multiple features you won’t find on any other service.

All iPhones come with “Find my iPhone” utility available on their product. But did you know you have to activate the service to use it? Also, if iPhones are not added under a family setting with shared users, you won’t be able to track other users through your own phone.

There are other iPhone tracking apps such as Find My Friends or Family Tracker. But these are often very simple, GPS only tracking capabilities that do not offer discreet or concealed ways to keep tabs on others. While they might be good for low key use such as ensuring your child is actually in school, or finding friends during a meetup in a crowded mall, they don’t quite cut the cake when it comes to really knowing more about locations and intentions. Plus other users have the ability to cut ties or check if they are being monitored with their own settings.
It’s hard to track whereabouts if you haven’t made logged in with the iPhone’s settings in iCloud, or ensuring the proper sharing privileges. These other apps also rely on using them from your own phone, and will need to download the same app into your own iPhone as well. If you want the best iPhone tracking app, it’s better to use one designed to do more than just the basics.

As with many other tracking apps, SPYERA is designed with monitoring GPS location. While a live option is pretty common these days, did you also know you can track and view historical known locations? You don’t have to watch someone constantly to piece together the puzzle. Get a leg up on GPS location by reviewing data from the past as well as the present. It will be available on a web based login system, pulling up current and historical known locations with Google maps.

Need to tap into someone’s iPhone to check calls? SPYERA features include the ability to tap into live calls, record calls for future listening, and even remotely accessing the microphone to listen in on current surroundings. Don’t have time to listen in? You can turn on the microphone, record, and save the files for later listening. SPYERA makes it easy to set up alerts and settings to record calls even from specific numbers, or trigger SMS alerts for keywords that show up in messaging. So not only do you have access to tons of data, but the SPYERA interface makes it easy to manipulate, sort, and look up both historical and live data coming in through the target iPhone.

Many users look to tracking software for monitoring their children. Ensure your children are exactly where they say they would be by checking their location. It’s a long common rouse in entertainment films where children simply say they’re going for a sleepover as a cover to get up to no good. These hijinks can lead to treks through the local forest, or going downtown to find some un-curfewed fun. It could be to your advantage to track their whereabouts and plans in the making. Stop your child from running into too much trouble in their tracks. If you rather, make sure you are monitoring and tapping into inappropriate communications by tracking their iPhone along with text messages, emails, calls, and media content. Should a truly troublesome scenario arise, you’ll be able to track their whereabouts and locate their iPhone in current time.

In the case where you’ve found your children not telling the truth or covering their whereabouts, you can use the stores SPYERA information to confront or confirm their stories. This can lead to meaningful discussions and curbing unwanted behaviour. We all want children to learn how to handle themselves in the real world, but ensuring they learn their lessons with your guidance rather than behind your back is essential.
As for employees, there are a myriad of situations and reasons for tracking their location. Ensure your employees are taking the appropriate amount of time for breaks. Many times, this could mean to ensure they are not abusing the length of time by over staying, but on the other hand you could also need to ensure they don’t work through lunch. Monitor your middle management’s effectiveness and ensuring policies and time tables are met. Did you send someone to a conference or weekend training? Make sure they have held their end of the bargain by going to the required classes, lectures, and training in the appropriate time allotted. It can be quite the investment to send employees across country, not to mention the hotel fees. Conferences and training don’t often spring up in cheap cities. Protect your employee investments by checking their progress with SPYERA iPhone tracking app.

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On a more serious note, you could need to use an iPhone tracking app to monitor other communications and locations to dispel security and information breaches. Many companies rely on their own set of sales leads, management, and communications that need to simultaneously promote as well as protect their image. When employees go out to wine and dine a potential client, make sure they are taking them somewhere that is appropriate to your image. Checking in on lengths of meetings can also be useful with SPYERA’s best iPhone tracking app.
In conjunction with recording and live microphone use, you can also tap into live ambient noise. Perhaps you suspect that your employees are sniffing into other offers and meeting with other potential employees? While it would be unseemly to email competition from a company email, you can certainly check into contacts, call logs, and other information they may use from outside the office that would none the less stay stored on their phone. Get a head start on the competition and potential threats to your workforce by using these tracking features.