What Is BlackBerry Spy Software?

  • What Is BlackBerry Spy Software? How Does It Work? Why Use It?

    BlackBerry spy phone software is a mobile monitoring application that is used to spy on BlackBerry cell phones. The BlackBerry spy app can be installed on any BlackBerry mobile that has an internet connection. Once installed, it starts to silently record certain cell activities.

    The way BlackBerry spy software works, is a person must download the BlackBerry spy software directly into the BlackBerry cellphone. This is accomplished via the BlackBerry’s web browser. After the spy software is installed, the application becomes undetectable and immediately starts to record a variety of information (call logs, text messages, GPS locations), and then anonymously uploads all of the information to an internet web account.

    The individual that installed the software, can now log into their account, and view all the activity logged on the BlackBerry device.

    Here is a list of cell activities that are logged by this spy phone application.

    * Secretly Listen To Live Calls – With this BlackBerry spyware feature, you can secretly spy on a live call. This is definitely the most exciting and amazing spy phone feature. No more guessing what is being said on a cell phone conversation. Using this spy phone feature, you’ll be able to listen in on conversations as they are happening.

    * Remote Monitoring – This spy phone features enables you to secretly activate the cell phone’s microphone and then listen in on the cell phone’s surroundings. Think of this feature as enabling you to be a fly on the wall.

    * GPS Tracking – With GPS tracking, you can anonymously track the GPS coordinates of an BlackBerry user’s cell phone. Coordinates are captured and uploaded in fifteen minute intervals, giving you a clear picture where the person you are tracking is.

    * Recover & Read Deleted Text Messages – All texts that are received or sent from the BlackBerry mobile are recorded. This means even if the SMS text messages are deleted immediately after being read, the BlackBerry spy phone software will still be transmit each message, and give you the ability to read the whole contents of each SMS text message.

    * Secretly View Call History Logs – This spy phone software will permit you to read all of the inbound and outgoing call history logs of the cell phone. As well as recording inbound and outbound call info, the name stored in the mobile’s contact list that’s associated to the number in the call logs (and SMS messages messages) will be displayed.

    There are a variety of reasons why someone would want to use BlackBerry spy software, they include any of the following:

    * Catch Cheating Spouse:
    Possibly one of the largest reasons why somebody purchases this kind of application is to spy on their spouse or partner. Maybe they are concerned that their partner is not where they announced they are or they wish to see what messages are being sent late in the evening when suddenly “the boss calls” or similar kind of situation. With BlackBerry spy software, a worried spouse can immediately see whether their partner is indeed being faithful. PC spy software has been about for a long time, but now that communication is being shifted away from PCs, and towards mobile phones, there hasn’t been a way to secretly spy on your spouse’s cell phone and see what they are really doing, until now.

    * Monitor Teen Cell Use: For parents who worry about their teen’s cell use, or need a way to track their children in case they go missing, cell phone is a perfect choice. Perhaps they are concerned about their teen is participating in a forbidden activity or parents would like a way to track their teens to guarantee their teenager is where they are meant to be, with spy software, all this is possible.

    * Employee Monitoring: BlackBerry spy software may also be used to observe cell phone use on company provided cell phones. In certain industries, more and more buyer communication is occurring on mobile phones thru SMS messages. Without knowing what is being announced and / or not having the ability to have a record of the communication might be in violation of compliance rules and regulations. Also, in the event of a potential legal action, not having past records of particular client communication may put the company in danger. With this kind of software installed on company provided mobile phones, companies can keep records of such activity.

    * Personal Back Up: With enhanced functionality of mobile phones, data storage is quickly becoming a concern. In the past, there was not any simple way to backup your call logs or SMS text messages. Using this type of software can do all of these things without requiring you to recollect to perform a “back up” of your information. BlackBerry spy phone software will back up all of your texts & call logs, so you never need to stress about not having an important SMS text message or look for a very important number that was accidentally removed.

    In summary, BlackBerry software is a monitoring application that’s used for a variety of reasons to spy on an BlackBerry cell user. Though some of them won’t be seen as “appropriate” in everyone’s eyes, it’s up to the person that purchases the software to decide the best use of the spy software based on their own unique situation.

    For more information, check out this BlackBerry Spy App site.

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