HTC Phone Spy Software

Do you need an HTC phone spy software so you can spy on your spouse’s HTC mobile phone? You’ll be glad to know some of the spy software are made specifically for this brand. These days you’ve felt like your husband is “somewhere else”. Even when he is with you. Call it intuition. Or maybe the signs are everywhere…

In fact, you just can’t go on without doing your little investigation to get to the bottom of this using one of the two of the best HTC phone spy software. There is a big chance, in your mind, that he’s having an affair, and if he is, you want to know and get this over with.

HTC Phone Spy Software – How It Works

  • Step 1: The way you go about it is by visiting the website of one developer and create an account. You’ll need a valid e-mail address, the identification number of the HTC phone that you want to spy on (that you can get inside the battery compartment), and a visa or mastercard credit card with which to pay for the program. Additionally, you can also pay with an online form of payment, including PayPal.
  • Step 2: Using this information, you create and pay for an account. The process is very similar to creating a free e-mail account, such as yahoo mail or gmail. There is no need to have special or advanced computer knowledge. Actually, many people are surprised to know that they don’t even have to connect the phone to the computer. There is no need to buy any cables, change the phone’s settings, or otherwise tamper or tinker with the phone.
  • Step 3: Once you create an account, you’ll receive a username and a password. With these, you will be able to access the member’s area of the website where you can spy on HTC phones. Note the plural. By paying for one account, you can spy on as many phones as you want, although most people restrict themselves to a few or even just one, depending on their needs.
  • Step 4: When you are all set, using the HTC phone spy software is quite simple. The people who designed it knew that their customers weren’t going to be computer experts so they went to great lengths to ensure that the program is easy to use.

Let me help you get this evidence quickly by spying on his cell phone, to get proof of his infidelity.

Your first option is a tried and true program that has been around for years. Going by the name of mobile spy, it will allow you to do some amazing things to get all the evidence you can possibly want. It can spy most all activities going to and from the HTC phone in question. Stealth GPS tracking is one thing. Knowing who called and when is another. Yet these are just the cherry on top.

I’m sure you will be impressed to know you can spy on the calls themselves! True. You can listen to the people talk. And not only that, but while it’s happening, live. HTC text spying on sms messages is there too. Another one of the top HTC phone spy software made available to you, and the one I personally prefer, can do all of this and more. You can view all the photos and videos on the mobile, not to mention the ability to remotely turn the unit’s microphone on.

Do you know what this mean? It means even if he is not talking on the unit, you can hear what he is saying next to the phone! If you think anything will escape you… maybe only if he forgets his phone home. But otherwise you will know for sure if he is faithful or not.

Also, what you need to understand is many spy softwares do not work with HTC models. But these do. And all you should do to get evidence is download the software and put it on your spouse HTC mobile phone. And from that point on you gather all the details using a computer to filter through it. Just log online to a special address and you’ll get the proof you are sure is out there.

Best HTC Phone Spy Software

Some unfaithful guys think they are above everyone since they’re so clever. Yet they can’t outsmart the smartest mobile phone spy for HTC mobile phones. And the easiest, top option for this, is SPYERA.

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